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Okay, as folks around here know, I'm a video game junkie from way back. I'm 32, so that means way back. Like, when upright arcade games were only 1 quarter, and didn't involve guns-as-player-interface. And console games. A lot.

Hell, I even figured out with some online help how to get MAME to work. Which is basically an arcade system in my own computer at home. It's daunting, in its own way.

Also, I'm a fan of fighting games. More of the 2-D Street Fighter type than the others, by personal preference. On my MAME Library, I have the first 5 Samurai Showdowns, for example. Samurai Showdown 6 does exist, and will be released later this year on a Samurai Showdown compilation game. And because someone up there likes me and knows I didn't want to shell out money for a PS3 (my guess? Mom had a hand in it), it will be coming out for the PS2. Which I will get.

So, me Kyle like fighting games. And today I was surfing the 'I am Nor Making This Up-Videogames' thread on and found a link.

Oh my sweet merciful Jesus.

If this is mind just kind of exploded with laughter. I mean, I'm the one who seeks out the weird, bizarre, and non-vulgar twisted stuff and holy crap this link wins this year's competition, if it's real.
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Okay, to [ profile] lithera mentioned NBC's new fall/winter/spring/summer lineup. Heroes will come back in the fall, of which I am pleased with. And American Gladiators will be back next summer, too.

But, for the Winter, on Sunday nights, I saw this, taken from here.

MERLIN - “Merlin” brings to life a new legend for a modern audience. “Merlin” is an exciting, hour-long fantasy series set in the mythic city of Camelot — but inspired by 21st Century storytelling. Before Merlin (Colin Morgan, “Doctor Who”) and Arthur (Bradley James, “Lewis”) became legends, they were ambitious young men looking for adventure, hoping to live up to their family’s expectations, discovering love and finding their own true destiny, making mistakes along the way. The innovative, action-packed drama has cross-generational appeal and paints a picture of Merlin and Arthur’s early life that audiences have never witnessed before. Anthony Head (”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Richard Wilson (”A Passage to India”), Angel Coulby (”Magicians”) and Katie McGrath (”The Tudors”) also star. A FremantleMedia Enterprises distribution of a Shine production for BBC.

Fucking finally!
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From [ profile] talisbriscoe:

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you haven't been around for long, perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.*

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: 'Ah, there's so and so...'

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

And also from Talia, I ask 'Please.'
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Okay, I like this time of year. Because when you get closer to December 25th, people tend to be nicer to each other all over. Most of the time. But I see it; they're just a bit more considerate of others. Of course, the trick is to get them to be like that all year 'round. We're gonna need more work.

Anyways, one of my favorite things about this year is the music. I have a distinct weakness for Christmas music. Mostly the newer stuff. And one of the locak soft music radio stations has gone all X-mas already, but they play mostly stuff that was done before 1960. Like, the same five songs every two hours.

One of the ones I heard today, even if I know it was getting airplay last year, was Baby It's Cold OUtside. This time by Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton. Not the weirdest duet I've ever heard of, though I'm usually very antipathetic towards Stewart. Parton always had a nice voice. You ever hear her version of Collective Soul's Shine? Trippy bluegrass stuff.

But let's get back to Baby It's Cold OUtside for a sec. See, the 'plot' of the song is basic. It's cold outside, and the lady wants to go home, and the guy whose home she is visiting wishes for her to stay. And she stays at the end. It's pretty basic. But there's one exchange in this...

Dolly: Oh, the neighbors might think...
Rod: But baby, it's bad out there
Dolly: Say...what's in this drink?
Rod: No cabs to be had out there..

Wait. A. Frelling. Second. Did she just say What's in this drink?

Uh. Um. Okay, then. Apparently, nothing embodies the Christmas spirit and the feeling of togetherness than The Christmas Roofie Song. Perhaps they'll follow it up with more Christmas Classics like 'Spike the Halls,' 'Feliz Spanish Fly,' and 'Jolly Old St. Mickey.' Or perhaps they'll skip the skullduggery and just go straight for the hard stuff.

But. BUT, the song is still Miles ahead of 'The Christmas Shoes.' Man, that song is a guilt trip wrapped in tinny Christmas background music. It even outdoes 'Do They Know It's Christmas' for mood-spiking. Sheesh.

As for other Christmas music? One simple rule: When it comes to Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 there is no, absosmurfly NO, volume setting for this that can be 'too loud.' If your speakers aren't bleeding tinsel and kickass while it's playing, you're not playing it loud enough.
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Found here.

Question: Here we are, a few months into the new fall schedule, and the carping and bitching among viewers has reached epidemic levels. It's as if TV fans today derive more pleasure from gloating over a show's perceived failures (such as Grey's Anatomy's new direction, the murder plot on Friday Night Lights or Heroes' much-derided "sophomore slump") than appreciating the enjoyment it still brings us. In Heroes' case, I have never seen such piling on. By the fourth episode, Internet posters were lighting their torches and calling for blood. Even after Tim Kring's public apology to fans, in which he acknowledged his mistakes — and even after the last few much-improved episodes —some fans seem almost disappointed that he "got it" and continued to complain. As for Grey's Anatomy: I don't watch that show, but even I can see that the fan sniping this season is out of control. The bottom line is that TV is essentially free or cheap entertainment. When I find something I love (like Friday Night Lights, The Office or Heroes), I can overlook occasional lapses in storytelling because, hey, it's hard to do 22 perfect episodes a year. Do you think the current hypercritical fan climate will ever lighten up, or is it just something we have to accept about our anonymous Internet culture?— Warren

Matt Roush: Griping about TV is hardly new to the Internet culture, but the intensity and immediacy with which people feed their need to complain can be overwhelming and dispiriting to those who'd rather accentuate the positive and simply enjoy — or, as you rightly note, take the adult approach and ride along with the ups and downs that every TV show experiences without ruining the fun for others. I field lots of letters like this, and my usual response is to caution everyone to take these overheated rants with a grain of salt. If it gets in the way of your enjoyment, it's easy enough to ignore, right?

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Copied from [ profile] pomr and [ profile] tnp

If you select the budget shipping and check out with Google checkout (requires a GMail account) then you pay nil. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

The drive is 10 bucks, budget shipping is free, and they discount the drive 10 bucks for first time google checkout users...and the sales tax too. So net cost is nothing.
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Okay, I was reading the old friendsfriends list like I tend to do, and I found This meme from user [ profile] liviapenn.

Originally, it started with the Superteam assembly challenge.

Quote from the original post.

Your team should have five members.

1) The Manipulator (ie, the one very good at playing complicated games & bending people to their will; probably the team leader. See: Lilah Morgan, Ba'al, Danny Ocean, Scorpius, etc.)
2) The Face Puncher (Faith, The Operative, Callisto, Niki Sanders)
3) The Gadget Builder (Kaylee, Niirti, Lex Luthor)
4) The Sex Appeal (Sylar, Mystique, Emma Frost, Eroica, etc.)
5) The One Who Eventually Suffers A Crisis Of Conscience And Turns To Good, Damn Them (Darth Vader, Teal'c, Xena, etc.)

Your team doesn't *have* to be straight-up villains; think of how many fannish characters:

(1) Have a bad reputation/would be considered villains by many in their reality (the Winchesters, most of the cast of Firefly & Farscape, the X-Men, etc.)
(2) Have done something you personally consider to be incredibly sketchy (most of the cast of Atlantis, Willow, Izzie from Grey's Anatomy, etc.)
(3) Have been falsely accused of crimes (Buffy, Teyla, the Winchesters again, etc.)
(4) Used to be a bad guy at some point (Spike, Faith, Xena, etc.)

Which really covers just about everybody. Except maybe Fraser. *G*

Okay, so my Evil Five.

The Manipulator: David Xanatos (Gargoyles). The man is so slick he oozes oily evil. He even has a trope named after him for this!

The Face Puncher: Persuader (Legion of Superheroes). Big-ass masked guy with a Big Scary Axe.

The Gadget Builder: Brain (Pinky and the Brain) C'mon...

The Sex Appeal: Wilhimina Slater (Ugly Betty). Hey, at 40+, Vanessa Williams is DAMN hot. And that's coming from usually-immune ME, of all people. Hence, the icon for this post.

The One Who Eventually Suffers A Crisis Of Conscience And Turns To Good, Damn Them: Bialar Crais (Farscape) I actually liked him in later seasons.

Now, I feel like adding more archetypes! So here's my contributions.

The Loyal Lieutanant: (This is the one who the main villain never...usually has to worry about turning on him. The Loyal Lieutenant is usually very organized, intelligent in their own right, and firmly supports the main villain. Examples: Lt. Braca (Farscape) Zoicite (Sailor Moon), Amelia Voght (X-Men), Wintergreen (DC Comics))

The Mystic: (Self-explanitory. Evil magic-user)

The Evil Dealer: (Not so much a drug dealer as 'Hey, I have got a deal for you. I will give you exactly what you want. You just have to do me a favor in return'. Examples: The Devil (Devil and Daniel Webster or even Faust), Ursula (The Little Mermaid))

The Unstoppable Force: (This is usually just a machine or a mindless, amoral creature bent only on pure destruction. The force that if left unchecked will destroy everything. It takes a lot of power to bring them down. Examples: Doomsday (DC Comics), Godzilla, Bizarro (DC Comics))

The Monster: (Does not have to be an actual creature, but this is a villain that is so broken, so twisted, so scary, that even the rest that he scares the shit out of the rest of his own team. Instead of putting The Monster down like a rabid dog, the villain team keeps The Monster around to scare the heroes, or just so they know where they is so the villains don't have to watch their own backs. Examples: The Joker (DC comics), Johnny Sorrow (DC Comics), Murmur (DC Comics' Flash Rogues), Desaad (Again, DC, they seem to be good at this.))

So, here's my picks.

The Loyal Lieutenant: Diwan (Skyland). She was pretty badass, and didn't even as Oslo treated her like shit.

The Mystic: Malificent (Sleeping Beauty/Kingdom Hearts) Duh.

The Evil Dealer: Neron (DC Comics, Underworld Unleashed)

The Unstoppable Force: Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics)

The Monster: Korudo Akabane (GetBackers). Man, he was a total bastard.
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*throws up his hand*

Oh, it fucking figures. We get the writer's strike. You know, the ones that we had articles all over the new for months beforehand with writers saying "Oh, we're going to strike" and little to no information about what they were doing to, you know, stop it from happening. No one came out and said "Holy crap, remember last time this happened? We need to fix this soon!" but were all pretty much saying "La la la I can haz pick3t linz plz?"

So, as someone who was around for and remembers the last writers strike...and the fact that there's actually shows on I'm watching on TV this season, I'm pretty much screwed over. But of course, all I see are things in support of the writer's strike. And, naturally, nothing about what they're doing to stop it.

I've even seen 'I support the strike!' icons.

And I've been in enough situations in the last week that the whole 'Be patient, Kyle' and 'Accept what others are doing no matter how fucked-over you feel, Kyle' stance Does. Not. Wash. I've had enough of being the one to cave, to give in, to accept, when so little of the same is ever given to me.

Naturally, I don't support the strike. I want it over and done with, so we can get back to normal. The last time, it was really annoying. It still is.
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Icon by [ profile] mhael, thoughts by me.

On the latest episode of Heroes... )

Oh, and Kristen Bell is on next week. :D
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Oh, and happy birthday to [ profile] epeeblade and [ profile] caffeineferret!!!
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This article appeared today on

So, I went searching, and I discovered the existence of the Ig Nobel Prize. Where the Nobel Prize is for great achievements in the arts and sciences, the Ig Nobel is the...parody prize for the really bizarre stuff. Like how a group of scientists in Argentina discovered that the use of Viagra helps hamsters get over jet lag faster.

But the one that caught me from the article above was this: The U.S. Air Force won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize this year for its proposal to develop a "gay bomb" -- a chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers want to make love with each other, not war with the enemy.


Now, I had to think about this. At first, I thought about posting my (admittedly warped, based on personal experience) beliefs of of what would happen if this 'gay bomb' were dropped on anyone. But, since I have a number of LGBT people who read this blog (including, oh, myself), it would cause...problems. Because I'm bitter. It would get potentially insulting.

So, instead I'm going to try and picture someone actually coming up with this idea.

Picture it if you will... A dimly lit room in the Pentagon, flourescents from above making patterns in the glasses of water at the hand of each military bigwig sitting at a circular table as the researcher shows a holo-display of the effects of this 'Gay Bomb' chemical agent he has developed.

The researcher regards the assembled officers under bushy white eyebrows as he adjusts the lab goggles perched on his forehead. All of his hours spent on research, discarding unworkable formulas, and hundreds of living test subjects, each turning out more fabulous than the last. It all comes down to this moment.

"Zee?" he asks, in his best Mad-Scientist accent. "Once zat ees done, we go to Phase Two, vhere ve vill turn ze Moon into ze giant Deesco Ball!"

The impassive faces around the table watch the researcher as his eyed widen, showing whites in the trium,ph of his research and the unveiling of his master plan.

"Und zen, ve commence wit Operation: Boogie Vonderland!"

I bet it happened just like that.
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You know, on a ton of message boards or mailing lists stretching back to when I started playing on the Internet in college (which...was a lot longer ago than I realized, le sigh), there was always the 'if I could only get X amount of books per month, what would I reduce my pull list to?' threads. I never really participated in them, because I never felt like I could let go of a comic I was reading and collecting that easy.

Of course, the last few years of comics make it damned easy for me to jump ship. And, not only am I going to try and construct a list here, I'm actually considering implimenting it, some time in the future.

So, without further blabber, let's Look at Kyle's 'if I could only get 10 books' list. )
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Rubik's Revolution

I feel slightly old seeing this.

Now, granted, I think you need bells and whistles and stuff like this to get the attention of consumers these days, especially the kid market they seem to be aiming for with this. It's just...they made a Rubik's Cube interactive. And Multi-player, for that matter.

When I was younger, a multi-player Rubik's cube just meant passing it over to the friend next to you to let them take a crack at it. And, the premise of the Rubik's Cube was so simple a child could get frustrated with it, use a screwdriver to pry the plastic pieces apart and reassemble it fully completed.

*looks sheepish*

Hey, I never saw it as 'cheating' so much as 'creative problem solving.'

Ah, memories.
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Whoo! Hell of a weekend.

I might not go in order, I don't know, but my weekend had stuff in it, and I'm itching to get it all out. Next weekend is my 3-day weekend, so I can imagine how much I can accomplish.

So, Friday after work I headed down to the local gaming club for the Monthly Warhammer game. I've managed to have my character (A Halfling Tomb Robber) survive every session of the game so far. Mostly by not going near combat at all costs. If we're in a fight, my character gets out of melee range and uses his sling. Sure, I don't do many uber heroic smiting of Chaos creatures, but my Search skill of their lair afterwards always brings up the really good loot. I got home, dealt with some stuff, and went to bed.

Saturday, between 5:30 and 10-ish AM, I managed to feed the dog, do the grocery shopping, used the laundromat to get my week's laundry done, helped dad clean up the house, got a haircut, and finalized info and printouts for the game later that day.

So, I had people over because I was running D&D for the first time in like 5+ years last night. My players, all 3 of them, managed to make very intriguing characters with distinct personalities, enjoyed the world I had made, ordered chicken take-out (Yay, food!), and generally kicked ass and completed the first adventure. I had a fantastic time doing this, so my severe case of nerves was mostly unwarranted. I'm looking forward to running for them again!

Currently reading: The Outlanders by David B Coe. My 2nd time reading it, but my first time reading it was many years ago, so while I remembered vague plot points in the book, there was so much I forgot. Looking forward to finishing it.

Watching: Star Ocean EX: The Anime. Based off the Star Ocean 2 game. It's so neat! I have all 26 episodes now. Farscape, Season 1. I have seen only the first two episodes of this, and I like it. D'Argo, as the 'big hulking warrior with a noble side', is a common favorite character archetype of mine.

And then I can also get to Supernatural, Season 1 before the new season, and Heroes, Season 1 comes out this Tuesday on DVD, but I might hold off on that for X-Mas.

Sunday, I went to breakfast with Dad, and then went to dinner with Dad later. Yay food. :) I finally got some sleep, too. Also, I went to visit [ profile] razorsedge74 for a bit today, and he showed me World of WarCrackcraft. I don't remember which empty server he set me up on, but I ended up making a Female Gnome Mage named Phizzle. One way to get Kyle's attention: Look, something small and cute! Another good option is 'Ooo, Dwarves with Guns!' But, we played around for a bit and I got Phizzle up to 6th level. I'm a bit of an itchy trigger finger on the fireballs. :) I was also fond of the /silly phrase "I apologize perfusly for any inconveinience my murderous rampage may have caused."

I'm afraid of WoW. I have so many other things online to do. But, I was talking with Dad about getting the combination Cable/Internet/Phone service from Cablevision. Because I'm starting to hate dialup. It might be expensive, because I still have HBO. A lot of HBO shows I was watching are over, and to be honest, I have One Really Freaking Good Reason to keep the damned channel. I am going to look into that, and getting new glasses.

I can't remember how random video-jumping got me to this scene. I don't quite get it, because I never watched the show nor do I have any idea who these guys are. But...they mention 'what if Encyclopedia Brown and the Great Brain fought to the death?' God, that's like the 'war of Kyle's 9-year-old fandoms.' As for who would idea. And I will not look for fic if there is any. Keep some part of my childhood safe.

And I flat-out love this video. It looks like so much fun.
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For the record, I never called this show 'Reality TV.' To me, it qualifies as a game show.

...Um. NBC is going to bring it back.

I really like this idea. I used to really like this show. A lot. Because it was fun and goofy. And...more of it.

Between this, Heroes being renewed with a tiny spinoff show in its 2nd season (Heroes + Origins = 30 episodes), cancelling The Apprentice, and Giving Kevin McKidd something to do post-Rome NBC is starting to make me like their network. A lot.

Yeah. That top link? It'll be cheesy and goofy and all that. Can't wait.
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So I'm in the 7-11 this morning getting my usual buttered roll and something to drink before work. I see this new issue of Cosmopolitan on the stands, and one of the teaser lines on the cover says this:

Could Your Man be Gay? One Surefire Sign!

I didn't look for the article in the magazine, since I wouldn't touch an issue of that mag on a bet, but I got to wondering...One Surefire Sign?

I wonder what it is? How about One Surefire Sign your man could be gay is...he has sex with other men! Gasp! On my, how come I didn't see it before?



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