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Nov. 4th, 2006 11:25 am
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I am not sure if this will go through. I can't get to any friendspages or journals on LJ as it is.

Prestige Classes

Halfling Spellslinger

(Note: Why should Elves get all the cool ones?)

Between their small stature, diminutive weapons, and their (fantastically well-mage-bred, incidientially) Riding Dogs, most of the larger folk see Halflings as a friendly race and generally harmless. They, of course, would be wrong. Halflings are expert Rogues, and others even form the lines of defense in the Halfling community. They've integrated themselves into human socities, and have taken a few pages from the Elves. They've taken one of their most innocuous weapons, the sling, and improved upon it with craftsmanship and arcane magic. The Spellslingers are an elite group, combining magic with their chosen weapon to strike from afar, bringing their larger foes to a standstill.


Race: Halfling
BAB: +4
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Halfling Skiprock)*, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Warsling)*, Weapon Focus (Warsling)*, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Spells: Must be able to cast 2nd level Arcane Spells

*(Information on the Skiprock and the Warsling can be found in Races of the Wild, pages 165-166)

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Spells
1 +1 +0 +2 +2 Weapon Focus, Skilled Slinger +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
2 +1 +0 +3 +3 Armored Mage, Far Shot
3 +2 +1 +3 +3 Channel Spell (I) +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
4 +3 +1 +4 +4 Weapon Specialization +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
5 +3 +1 +4 +4 Rapid Reload +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
6 +4 +2 +5 +5 Channel Spell (II) +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
7 +5 +2 +5 +5 Alchemical Stone
8 +6 +2 +6 +6 Elemental Stone +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
9 +6 +3 +6 +6 Channel Spell (III) +1 level to arcane spellcasting class
10 +7 +3 +7 +7 Sling Blitz +1 level to arcane spellcasting class

Skills: (4+Int/Level) Concentration Craft (Alchemy), Hide, Knowledge (all skills, taken seperately) Move Silently, Profession, Ride, Spellcraft, Spot

Class Abilities:

Spellcasting: At every level except 2 and 7, the Spellslinger gains more spells per day as if he or she advanced in an arcane spellcasting class. This applies only to spells known and spells cast, and does not apply to other class abilities (such as familiar abilities, bonus feats, or Warmage's Edge abilities).

Weapon Focus: At 1st level, a Spellslinger gains Weapon Focus in both the Skiprock and the Warsling as bonus feats.

Skilled Slinger: At 1st level, a Spellslinger can use the Warsling or Skiprock on an opponent with drawing an attack of opportunity

Armored Mage: At 2nd Level, a Spellslinger ignores all Spell Failure chances if they are wearing light armor. If the Spellslinger has this ability from another class, then the Armor goes up one grade (Light to Medium, or Medium to Heavy)

Far Shot: At 2nd Level, Spellslingers gain Far Shot as a bonus feat

Channel Spell: At 3rd level, a Spellslinger learns to channel their spells through their weapon. As a move action, a Spellslinger can imprint their weapon with any spell they have memorized that targets another person or area (Attack spells, ect). If their next attack hits, the being or object struck by a channeled weapon suffers the effects of the spell as well as damage from the weapon. This ability uses up the memorized spell, or one spell slot of the appropriate level in the case of a sorceror. At 3rd level, a Spellslinger can do this with any 1st (or 0th) level spell they have memorized or have slots for. At 6th level, they gain the ability to do this with 2nd level spells, and at 9th, it can be done with any spell of 3rd level or lower.

Weapon Specialization: At 4th level, a Spellslinger gains Weapon Specialization in both the Skiprock and the Warsling as bonus feats.

Rapid Reload: At 5th level, a Spellslinger gains Rapid Reload with regards to the Skiprock or Warsling only. They can use their BAB to determine the number of attacks they get a round.

Alchemical Stone: At 7th level, a Spellslinger can use their arcane energy, in the form of their higest level memorized spell or spell slot, to change their ammunition into either cold iron or Silver for a single shot. The weapon is treated as either substance chosen (silver or Cold Iron) for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. This metamorphosis takes a move action, and does draw attack of opportunity. The ammunition/Skiprock is consumed in the casting.

Elemental Stone: At 8th Level, A Spellslinger can take a move action to alter the elemental makeup of their ammunition for a single shot, allowing it to be Fire, Ice, Acid, or Lightning. As with Alchemical Stone, this does draw an attack of opportunity during the transmutation phase, and it does consume the ammunition. The ammunitoon does no extra damage, but does overcome damage resistance and vulnerabilities for those specific energy types.

Sling Blitz: At 10th Level, a Spellslinger can take a full attack action to fire a sling bullet at every opponent in his or her range, up to their highest Base Attack Bonus.
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I'll get to the other requested thing later. I got in about 1:30 last night, after the party in the D&D game found the dragon horde.

For one, we did manage to commission an Arrow of Dragon slaying in a city. Said city, a port city, was under a blockade from a collusion of the local Crime boss (my PC's sister), and a Black Dragon with a nice little Lizardman force. We gave the arrow to our Elf archer...he just barely hit it. The GM rolled the dragon's save in front of all of us...and got a 3. One shot. We freaked.

Then, we found the gold. Because the dragon was raiding/blockading all incoming ships, as well as the tower being a forge/armory with gold to fund the Evil Army (tm).

We got an obscene amount of gold. Like...way beyond anything we've ever had. More freaking ensues.

We're rich. Filthy stinking rich.

But, some quotes from the game.

Brian: Oh, so we need arrows of Green Giant slaying?
Rod: Ho Ho Aaaaarrrgghhhhh!
Me: Sprout. But...why?

John, our GM: I've been working all day to think up of ways to kill you all.
Me: And this differs from any other day /how,/ exactly?

John: Okay, you see a number of Lizardmen making gesutres with their hands.
Rod: *makes appropriate finger gestures*
Me: Hail Scroob!

(Bob and Rod's characters are flying above the lizardmen, and Bob makes his Spellcraft check.)

Bob: Do I know what Call Lightning means?
Rod: It means we're about to become giant kites.

John: Those of you in the room, you hear water flowing.
Kit: I have this sudden urge to use the facilities.

(Pat. New player to D&D, charged a troll with his Monk/CLeric and died, after hitting the trool for 8 points. He got rended in half. It was hideous)

Pat: I died in one shot.
Brian: No, it was three shots.
Me: Though it was one round.

(Later on.)

Me: No, Pat, Turn Undead doesn't mean you can come back from the dead...

(After we count the gold and cheer and drool, from the dragon.)

Brian: We're rich. And all it cost us was a Monk and a Bard.
Me: But what price can we put on their lives? *points to treasure horde* This. This is good.
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Some quotes from gaming last night:

The party finds itself facing a quartet of Enlarged Minotaurs.

Eric: So, instead of Minotaurs, we're facing Maxi-taurs?
Me: Eric, that sounded way too feminine and hygenic. Please don't.
Eric: Well, you know where Maxi-taurs go to sleep, right?
Me: Ahhhh! No! No going there!

Stuart: Now, if we can get a god to come down and help us, that would be good news.
Me: Oh, we did. But the bad news is that it's Tentacles (pronouced 'tent-a-klees'), the Greek God of Anime Porn.

Me: Kit, you ever consider just going into open rebellion?
Kit: Oh, I've tried. But the other players tend to behave when Christine's in the room.
Me: Well, they're afraid of her. Hell, I'm afraid of her, sometimes.

(Now Mike, our GM, has trouble spelling/pronouncing certain terms in the game, like Svirfneblin. )

Eric (after correcting him again): Okay, I cast Spell Checker on Mike.
Me: On his e-mail? That's like throwing a block of C-4 at his computer.

Okay, there was more. DIscussions about Anime, gamer styles, and my personal 'Wesley Crusher Envy' theory.

And, if anyone wants to hear that theory, tell me, and I'll post it.
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Okay. My game. I didn't do much. The only fight I was in, I managed to get a spell off right after the monster was killed, because I was deafened, and I had a 20% chance to lose spells when casting with verbal components.

But, we had comments flying all over the place, so I'll put up a few quotes.

Me and Eric went to the Elven city to talk to the higher-ups, which Rod's character (An elf sent to watch us, but became converted to our cause.) knew, and gained us access. Eric and I are both halflings.

Rod: You'll be taken to the Foreign Quarter
Me: Foreign Quarter?
Rod: That's our word for "Prison."

In the Foreigh Quarter, which is the marketplace.

Eric: Oh, they have a mall!
Me: Of course they do. They're Valley Elves. Like, ohmigawd!

A monster we encountered: a 18 foot tall ape-like monster who could polymorph itself into a rabbit at will. This was after, in a previous adventure, where a god told his cleric in our party that we would follow the rabbit to show us the way.

Brian: Um, didn't we eat the last messenger the gods sent to guide us?

Rod's elf played his flute while on watch, attracting rabbits (which turned out to be one of those things and almost killed us). He played badly (bad perform check.

Rod: See, I play badly, and this happens.
Me: Yeah. Songs in the Key of "AAUUGGHHH!"

After that fight, we get up, and Brian and Rod go off On their Own to find another of these things that almost squashed the entire group, and fight it by themselves.

Me: *sigh* Another day, another near-death experience.

Now, Bob's cleric is hitting on Christine's fighter. (The players are married. Bob's character is a little crass).

Christine: Ye can't milk a bull, laddie.
Bob: No, but you can ride it for hours at a time.

Now, we...acquired something akin to a golem. It's wierd, it's a suit of black armor that moves on its own, and follows Christine around now. Eric, in trying to figure out if he's right, casts a spell.

Eric: Okay, I cast Locate creature - COnstruct. What's the nearest construct.
Christine: Nae, I assure you these are real.

Now, CHristine was also playing Kit's character since Kit couldn't be there. Kit's PC is a Dwarf Monk who speaks like a fortune cookie. Like Sphinx out of Mystery Men, all sayings like that. She keeps a notebook with a listing of sayings, and I remembered two.

"I am cursed by the gods...or perhaps just premenstrual.'

"One cannot achieve the impossible without first attempting the absurd."

And, I'm done. Talking, then bed.


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