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I don't think I would. See, I can see this question like when stuff like 'Nerfing' comes up in errate for RPGs or MMO updates, and I ask myself the same questions.

Eliminating Valentine's Day would be taking it away. So, given the power, I would try a different tactic. Instead of taking away, I'd try 'adding.'

I'd adjust the holiday so: for one day, you can be with who you really want to be with. No recriminations, no lies, no bullshit made-up excuses. Let everyone enjoy the holiday with who they want to enjoy it with.

And, as always, I like my idea better.
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Just around the holidays? Hell no! It's a warm feeling of exclusion felt all year round.

And, as I learned recently, any attempts on my part to change this are a stark reminder that I should remember my place.
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Now, I am sure there are psychological benefits to camping outdoors, and various advantages. The open air, the sense of being one with nature, the accomplishment of 'roughing it;' things like that.

Hell with that; I'll take the luxury hotel. :)
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Me? Burger King. Bacon Double Cheeseburger, no pickles.

Which I haven't had in at least 3 weeks. This explains a lot.
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For me, it would be Reunion.

Not even for one more season. See, the show was cancelled in mid-storyline. On a cliffhanger. And unlike other shows I care not to mention, there is no DVD set, there is no movie, and there was no support when I was upset about it. and so on.

Not even one more season; just give us the answer to the murder mystery and some resolution, and I'd be happy.


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