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You know, on a ton of message boards or mailing lists stretching back to when I started playing on the Internet in college (which...was a lot longer ago than I realized, le sigh), there was always the 'if I could only get X amount of books per month, what would I reduce my pull list to?' threads. I never really participated in them, because I never felt like I could let go of a comic I was reading and collecting that easy.

Of course, the last few years of comics make it damned easy for me to jump ship. And, not only am I going to try and construct a list here, I'm actually considering implimenting it, some time in the future.

So, without further blabber, let's Look at Kyle's 'if I could only get 10 books' list. )
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Needed that. Brings back memories.
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Okay, I'm gonna get killed for this. But I have to.

On Mile High Comics, you can usually catch comic previews a while before they come out. They have the preview of Ultimate X-Men #50, and one page just BEGGED for comment.

Big Image behind the cut. Work safe, but you've been warned. This might cause hysterical laughter, or deep sadness. )
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-10:43 AM

Okay, hello, boredom! I'm at work, it's relatively quiet, and I need to get the writing push out of my system, I suppose. I'm still stuck on some things, which irks me to no end, so I'm figuring a little essay-ing bit should kick my brain back into gear. And, I've been putting some things off, which means now it might not have as much oomph as it would have 3 weeks ago, but still.

And yes, it's on issue 1. I haven't seen issue 2 yet, but I've been wanting to write this for some time.

Identity Crisis #1. Spoilers behind the cut. )
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-9:45 AM

Okay, kids, it's been delayed, but it's that time again.

Kyle's Abridged Comic Reviews. SPOILERS behind the LJ cut. )
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12:25 PM

Okay, because I really need a boost to my spirits right now, since I have no access to actual spirits (a.k.a. booze), I'm going to try this on my own, inspired from someone else, and do Abridged Reviews of my comics for this week.

SPOILERS behind the LJ Cut. )
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Cross-posted to [ profile] x_force.

Okay, this was stuff I needed to really get out of my head. Non-comic readers can skip it, so I'm putting it behind an LJ-cut just to make sure I don't spam anyone about it.

The X-Force Rant. )
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You know, I think I want to see this happen.


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