May. 12th, 2008

dewinged: (Dance!)
Okay, as folks around here know, I'm a video game junkie from way back. I'm 32, so that means way back. Like, when upright arcade games were only 1 quarter, and didn't involve guns-as-player-interface. And console games. A lot.

Hell, I even figured out with some online help how to get MAME to work. Which is basically an arcade system in my own computer at home. It's daunting, in its own way.

Also, I'm a fan of fighting games. More of the 2-D Street Fighter type than the others, by personal preference. On my MAME Library, I have the first 5 Samurai Showdowns, for example. Samurai Showdown 6 does exist, and will be released later this year on a Samurai Showdown compilation game. And because someone up there likes me and knows I didn't want to shell out money for a PS3 (my guess? Mom had a hand in it), it will be coming out for the PS2. Which I will get.

So, me Kyle like fighting games. And today I was surfing the 'I am Nor Making This Up-Videogames' thread on and found a link.

Oh my sweet merciful Jesus.

If this is mind just kind of exploded with laughter. I mean, I'm the one who seeks out the weird, bizarre, and non-vulgar twisted stuff and holy crap this link wins this year's competition, if it's real.


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