Aug. 17th, 2009

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I'm just tossing stuff up in the air at this point.

It started today with reading more of the Things Mr. Welch can no longer do in an RPG list.

1297. There is a 100xp penalty every time we remind the GM of the Bionic Six.

Which is mostly false, or that player has a dull GM; I have made references, have not been penalized, and as a GM-on-occasion I could conceivably reward players for doing this.

And it got me thinking...

See, I just ordered Volume 1 of Silverhawks on DVD. Birthday money ahoy!

And I got to thinking...what I have on DVD, 80's animation-wise.

Defenders of the Earth, Volume 1.
Bionic Six - Complete (admittedly bootleg)
Transformers - The Movie (I can't not have this DVD)

And someone in RL not on LJ admitted to me hoe got the complete run of M.A.S.K. (admittedly bootleg since I know it's not on region 1 DVD naturally) on DVD at a recent convention. I am...going to work on borrowing that one day. And finding a way to get a copy myself, because this was one of my favorite shows.

And I got to thinking of other shows...I mean, G.I. Joe and Transformers are the names that come to everyone's mind. G.I. Joe...I haven't seen episodes like The Viper, No Place Like Springfield, or any of the 5-part movies in a long, long time.

Transformers...not really. There's The Movie. Love The Movie, but I remember regular generation 1 episodes
sucky. Really really sucky.

And I got to thinking...what I remember.

C.O.P.S. For one.

And someone besides me actually remembered Bravestarr

And there's always He-Man. Filmation had a lot of busy, busy people in the 1980s.

Now...what do other people remember? Fondly? From the 80s and such?

See, I had a brief flash of idea of an 80s animation marathon, in the vein of 'I'm too old for adventures' these days. Because the living room TV is big enough and has a DVD player there. Or a hotel room, or...something.

Just a thought. At least it'd be fun.

Edited to Add: And for Frell's sake, I actually have the entire run of the D&D cartoon. With the radio play of the finale episode. Which I have never actually put into the DVD player...


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